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Tel. (BE):014 26 72 22
Tel. (int.):+32 14 26 72 22

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Ford mustang coupe

Prijs: 25.500 €
Kleur:Dutch orange
Vermogen:165 kW / 224 PK
Capaciteit:5.000 cm³
1e inschrijving:03.06.1969
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Dutch orange
***JUST ARRIVED FROM SUNNY CALIFORNIA *** Men, this is the real deal, a mustang with the tilt away steeringwheel .  That is special, and what is realy unbelievable special, the damn thing works.  It is the first Mustang that is saw where it's still working, and i saw a loooooooooot of mustangs.  So how it works,  you open the door and the steeringwheel folds away to the right . When you want to start, you lock-it back and the car starts, when you want to leave the car, it folds away by itself so you can easy exit the car.  It is so technical, even these days you don't find it in so many cars. This was 50 years ago  and like i said before, IT'S A LIVE .  This Mustang is in and out perfect .   And this orange color, there might be somewone from over the northern border be interested, to drive to the worldcup,   oh right, you don't go this year :-) Deze Mustang komt aan einde April in onze showroom .  014/267222 +3214267222  **Groot OPENDEUR WEEKEND op Za 5 & Zo 6 Mei 2018.Van 10:00- 18:00hr.**Big OPENDOOR WEEKEND on Sa 5 & Su 6 Mai 2018.From 10:00-18:00 hr**Großes offenes Wochenende am Sa 5 und So 6 Mai 2018.Von 10: 00-18: 00 Uhr.**Grand WEEK-END ouvert le sa 5 et di 6 mai 10h00 à 18h00**
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Olenseweg 388
2260 Westerlo
Telefoon: +32 14-267222
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