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Tél. (BE):014 26 72 22
Tél. (int.):+32 14 26 72 22

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Ford F-1 pick up stepside F1

Prix: 24.500 €
Type:Véhicule ancien
Puissance:66 kW / 90 CH
Cylindrée:3.700 CC
Année de construction:01.01.1947
1ère immat.:01.01.1947
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Couleur: patina
Video of running engine : If you want a patina patina patina truck, well this is what i have found for you. A 1947 F-1 Ford Pick up truck stepside with the 226 ci 3700cc 90 hp flathead 6 cyl engine. These flathead engines runs so smooth, you don't even hear them running . This is a 1947 Ford 1/2 Ton short bed pick up that was recently brought back to life out of a barnfind in Phoenix Az.  The previous owner had rebuild the engine, transmission, rear end and brakes all back to original and don't even have 1000 miles on them but was done about 4 years ago.  It is the original flat head 6 with a 3 spd manual on the floor.  The engine fires right up and is one of the smoothest running flat 6 engines i've ever heard.  The transmission shifts very smooth and the clutch is new as well.  This is one of the straightest and cleanest bodies i have ever seen.There is no rust from the top to the bottom. The previous owner had also replaced the fuel tank, the fuel pump, all the fuel lines, the carburator . The interior is also new, the seat, headliner, carpet, dashboard, etc...  and to top it of, new firestone white walls on the original steel wheels whit the chrome rings. . Be fast, he will be sold quick.
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Olenseweg 388
2260 Westerlo
Téléphone: +32 14-267222
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