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Ford mustang cabrio T5 ?

Prijs: 49.900 €
Kleur:candy apple red
Interieurkleur:red decor vinyl bucket seats
Vermogen:147 kW / 200 PK
Capaciteit:4.700 cm³
1e inschrijving:20.01.1967
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Kleur: candy apple red
xxxJUST ARRIVED***this very interesting Ford Mustang or can i not call it Mustang, but do i have to call him ' T-5 ' ?.  This Mustang is build in Dearborn as a special build for the Ford Motor Corporation.  He is used as a demonstration vehicle and traveled around the world to show what Ford Could do . So this one has all the available options . Even the automatic tilt away steering wheel, so this option let's tilt away the steering wheel as you shut of the ignition and open the door. So you can easely get in and out of the car. AND BIG SURPRISE ' IT STILL WORKS.... '   Other options :  *289 ci V8 engine  *C4 Select shift Automatic Transmission *Black power rop w/glass backlite *F70-14 Wide Oval White Sidewall Nylon Tires  *Console *Deluxe Steering Wheel  *Power Disc Brakes  *Power Steering *Tilt-Away Steering Wheel *Air Conditioner- Select Aire *Am/8-Track StereoSonic Tape   *AM Radio *Exterior Decor Group *Interior Decor Group *Tinted Glass *Heavy Duty Battery *Styled Steel Wheels  He was also equiped, with: 'The Ford Motor Lifeguard Design Safety Features ' *Dual hydraulic Brake System with warning light . *Front and Rear Seat Belts *Front Seat Belt Retractors *impact-Absorbing Steering With Deep Padded Hub *Padded instrument Panel *Padded Windshield Pilars *Double Yoke Safety Door latches and Safety hinges *Outside Rearview Mirror *Day/Night Inside Mirror with Shatter Resistant Flexible Backed    Glass and Breakaway or Double Pivet Supports *Windshield Washers *Two Speed or Variable-Speed Windshieid Wipers. *Padded Sun Visors. *Thick laminate Safety Plate Glass Wind shield. *Turn Indicators with Lane Changing Signal Feature. *Positive Door Lock Buttons. *Back-Up Lights . *4-Way Emergency Flasher. *Front Seat Shoulder Harness Anchors. *Tire Safety Rim. *Foiding Seat Back Latches (Wagons). *Corrosion Resistant Brake Lines. *Safety-Desigmed Instrument Panel and Controls. *Uniform Shift Quadrant . *Reduced Glare instrument Panel and Wiper Arms and Blades . *Energy Absorbing or Impact-Distributing Arm Rests . The T-5 Mustang story :  What is a T-5 ? Starting in 1965 Ford Could not sell the Mustang in Germany as a Mustang,  because this name was already taken by a german truck Produced by 'Krupp Motoren und Kraftwagenfabriken'.  So they build a Mustang without all the signs of a Mustang .  So the 'Car'was named  ' T-5 '.  They are very rare,  only 151 Convertibles where ever build . Maybe this is one ?
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