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California Import

Olenseweg 388
2260 Westerlo

Tél. (BE):014 26 72 22
Tél. (int.):+32 14 26 72 22

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Ford pick up V8 flathead

Prix: 29.500 €
Type:Véhicule ancien
Puissance:63 kW / 86 CH
Cylindrée:3.622 CC
Année de construction:01.01.1940
1ère immat.:01.01.1940
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JUST ARRIVED : Walk around Video link with running engine : This is a rare Ford Pick up truck . one of the last building year before the war, During the war they needed all the metal for the tanks and airplanes.  So during the 1940 -1945 timeframe, there where no Cars/trucks build for private use .  So this one is build in 1940 . With the  flathead V8 engine with a manual transmission.   And the very nice front grill .  The pipes that you can see on the sides or the so called 'Belly Burners ' .   I guess this does not need any more explenation .  For the safe part, they are disconnected now .
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Olenseweg 388
2260 Westerlo
Téléphone: +32 14-267222
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