Buick Business Coupe

Prix: 36.500 €
Type: Véhicule ancien
Carrosserie: Coupé
Couleur: Rouge
Transmission: Manuelle
Puissance: 89 kW / 121 CH
Cylindrée: 4.066 CC
Carburant: Essence
Année de construction: 01.01.1940
1ère immat.: 01.01.1940
Kilométrage: 4.350 km
Video of the running engine : https://youtu.be/YmknAdAkQdM NEWS : 'I just found in USA an original license plate assembly, offcourse in chrome  . ' This is the beauty of this trip, a Buick Business coupe from 1940 .  A pre- war grandeur.  This Buick drives like new,  the 8 cyl engine is whisper smoothe, you don't even hear him running.  It makes less noice then a electric car .....  Drives, brakes, shifts unbelievable .  This is a dream car.  The business coupe was made for the sales man,  they were weeks from home and to waist no extra money on hotels, they slept in there car.  That is why they have no rear seat, that was for the bed and the for sale items. So if you want to start a new bussines, forget the internet, come out from behind your computer screen and drive to your customers and speak with real people, ..... www.california-import.com
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Buick Business Coupe Buick Business Coupe Buick Business Coupe Buick Business Coupe