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Nous venons de rentrer de Californie, consultez notre site Web pour les mises à jour des voitures anciennes que nous avons achetées ce voyage..

  Tous nos véhicules

Ford mustang fastback
Oldtimer, Coupe, Zwart, Manueel, Benzine, 200 kW / 272 PK, 5000 cm³, Bouwjaar: 26.05.1966,
Ford Mustang Fastback 1966 *Nice *Fast V8   *5 Spd *Nos *Do you have got the balls  ?

55.000 €

Ford pick up V8 flathead
Oldtimer, Pick-up, Rood, Manueel, Benzine, 63 kW / 86 PK, 3622 cm³, Bouwjaar: 01.01.1940,
This is a rare Ford Pick up truck . one of the last building year before the war, During the war they needed all the metal for the tanks and airplanes.  So during the 1940 -1945 timeframe, there where no Cars/trucks build for private use .  So this one is build in 1940 . With the  flathead V8 eng...

29.500 €

Ford mustang
Oldtimer, Cabrio, Blauw, Automaat, Benzine, 147 kW / 200 PK, 4700 cm³,
If you are looking for a nice Ford Mustang convertible with a nice color, well this is it .  The color is the Tahoe Turquoise Metallic color, with a matching parchment interior and a white electric soft op.  This 1968 has got a lof mechanical restoration done . She is equiped with a V8 engine with a...

37.500 €

Ford mustang
Oldtimer, Coupe, Groen Metaalkleur, Automaat, Benzine, 147 kW / 200 PK, 4700 cm³, Bouwjaar: 31.01.1967,
If you are looking for a good restauration project, this is a good one .  It is a 1967 Mustang 'C' code, with a very solid body, rust free floors and original paint.  The color is the 'Bullit ' green color, completely gone, real patina.  It has the 4700cc V8, automatic transmissi...

15.500 €

Ford thunderbird hardtop coupe
Oldtimer, Coupe, Roze Metaalkleur, Automaat, Benzine, 220 kW / 299 PK, 6300 cm³, Bouwjaar: 01.11.1963,
We found a very nice original Ford Thunderbird HardTop Coupe from 1963 .  It has the 390 ci big block engine V8 6300 cc 300hp . Cruise-O-Matic automatic transmission, powersteering power brakes, electric windows, tilt away steering wheel . This T-bird is equiped with the continental kit .And i must ...

24.500 €

Ford mustang fastback 'GT350 Shelby tribute'
Oldtimer, Coupe, Zwart, Automaat, Benzine, 147 kW / 200 PK, 4700 cm³, Bouwjaar: 27.07.1966,
If you want to buy a shelby 350 but your wallet doesn't stretch that far, well here you have a very good close call .  This is a Ford Mustang Fastback from 1966 with 350 GT Shelby details. It is a nice tribute to Shelby . Did you guys see the movies who came out lately abouth the life of Carol ...

45.000 €

Chevrolet el camino SS Super Sport
Oldtimer, Pick-up, Blauw Metaalkleur, Automaat, Benzine, 110 kW / 150 PK, 5000 cm³, Bouwjaar: 15.09.1985,
It has been a while when we had found a nice El Camino, but finnaly we got one.  This is a real SS 'Super Sport' Build in 1985 .  The engine is the 305ci V8 5000 cc engine, automatic transmission, powersteering, power disc brakes . Interior is all originl but in a exceptional condition.  P...

19.500 €

Ford mustang cabrio
Oldtimer, Cabrio, Rood, Automaat, Benzine, 120 kW / 163 PK, 4300 cm³, Bouwjaar: 22.07.1964,
This is a nice red Mustang convertible with a new PONY INTERIOR, with floorconsole, NEW GT WHEELS AND NEW BFG TIRES from juli 1964 . This is a 'F' code Mustang with the 260 ci V8 engine, automatic transmission. Pony interior, floorconsole, double exhaust. . Good sold rust free floors .Elec...

42.500 €

Ford mustang cabriolet
Oldtimer, Cabrio, Wit, Automaat, Benzine, 121 kW / 165 PK, 4300 cm³, Bouwjaar: 21.04.1964,
***One of the first Mustangs ever build . *** ***NEW PAINT AND NEW PONY INTERIOR.*** Rust free, GT Rally Pack, floorconsole, complete original airco unit (offcourse not working), Gt wheels, electric soft top .  ***NL: Af en toe vinden we de zogenaamde 'BARNFIND', en dit is een schoontje. V...

50.500 €

Chevrolet camaro
Oldtimer, Coupe, Geel, Automaat, Benzine, 183 kW / 249 PK, 5700 cm³, Bouwjaar: 15.09.1970,
This is a nice 1970 Chevrolet Camaro . Comes with a lot of new parts . New Carpet, New console, New jumbo jet shifter, ... The engine is the 350 ci V8 4bbl with an automatic transmission, powersteering, power disc brakes .

25.500 €

Ford mustang coupe
Oldtimer, Coupe, Blauw Metaalkleur, Automaat, Benzine, 147 kW / 200 PK, 4700 cm³, Bouwjaar: 27.10.1965,
This is a dark blue metallic Ford Mustang from 1966 . She is equiped with the 289 ci V8 4700 cc engine, with automatic transmission, powersteering, power disc brakes and the interior has a nice floor console. The paint is old and has some dings and scratches. The floors are stil in a good original ...

22.500 €

Chevrolet pick up step side Apache
Oldtimer, Pick-up, Wit, Automaat, Benzine, 150 kW / 204 PK, 5300 cm³, Bouwjaar: 15.09.1958,
Chevrolet Pick up 'Apache' Stepside 1958 . V8 engine  Automatic transmission New brake master cylinder New Brake shoes New wheel cylinder Ready for restoration.

15.000 €

Ford mustang coupe
Oldtimer, Coupe, Geel, Automaat, Benzine, 147 kW / 200 PK, 4700 cm³, Bouwjaar: 16.07.1966,
Driving to Yosemite national Park i saw this Springtime yellow '66 Mustang fueling on a gas station . After talking to the owner, and having the full story,  i decided to buy the Mustang.  The only problem was that the owner did not know that yet ....  So i had to come out with all of my buying...

22.500 €

Buick special V8
Oldtimer, Coupe, Wit, Manueel, Benzine, 140 kW / 190 PK, 4330 cm³, Bouwjaar: 01.01.1955,
Just put the Buick on the lift and took a good look underneath.  I must say it surprized me a lot, and that in the good sense. It is in an unbelievable original condition .  The floors are very original and dont have an undercoating on them, so you see what you buy, what you see is what you get.  Th...

10.500 €

Ford mustang cabrio T5 ?
Oldtimer, Cabrio, Rood, Automaat, Benzine, 147 kW / 200 PK, 4700 cm³, Bouwjaar: 16.01.1967,
xxxJUST ARRIVED***this very interesting Ford Mustang or can i not call it Mustang, but do i have to call him ' T-5 ' ?.  This Mustang is build in Dearborn as a special build for the Ford Motor Corporation.  He is used as a demonstration vehicle and traveled around the world to show what Fo...

49.900 €

Ford F100 pick up step side
Oldtimer, Pick-up, Rood Metaalkleur, Automaat, Benzine, 147 kW / 200 PK, 4700 cm³, Bouwjaar: 15.09.1953,
xxxJUST ARRIVED*** this Ford F100 pick up truck stepside model .  Build in 1953 .  Good solid body .  Runs and drives great.  4700 cc V8 with an automatic transmission.

22.500 €

Chevrolet corvette C3 'matching numbers'
Oldtimer, Cabrio, Blauw Metaalkleur, Automaat, Benzine, 199 kW / 271 PK, 5700 cm³, Bouwjaar: 01.03.1971,
xxxJUST ARRIVED*** this very nice Bridgehampton blue Corvette  Convertible from 1971 .  This is the production range with the highest horsepower . These years where also known because they still had there chrome bumpers front and rear. This Corvette has also the sidepipe option . 'Nice sound&...

39.500 €

Ford mustang fastback very fast
Oldtimer, Coupe, Zwart, Manueel, Benzine, 320 kW / 435 PK, 5000 cm³, Bouwjaar: 01.01.1966,
xxxJUST ARRIVED*** this 'very fast' ford Mustang fastback from 1966 .  He is equiped with a powerfull 5.0 liter engine, and according to the words of the owner he has 440 hp and he is very fast on the drag strip. He also has a B&M shifter.  He will be sold asis, no warranty, but you ar...

32.000 €

Chevrolet pick up
Oldtimer, Pick-up, Blauw, Automaat, Benzine, 185 kW / 252 PK, 5700 cm³, Bouwjaar: 15.09.1957,
xxxJUST ARRIVED*** This nice Chevrolet Pick up Stepside shortbed.  Build in 1957  Engine 350 ci 5700 cc  Automatic transmission  Rust free  Nice paint with patina touches.  Runs and drives perfect.

29.500 €

Chevrolet corvette c3 t-roof
Oldtimer, Cabrio, Rood, Automaat, Benzine, 133 kW / 181 PK, 5700 cm³, Bouwjaar: 01.06.1976,
***JUST ARRIVED*** This very nice Chevrolet Corvette C3 T-roof L-48 that was build in June of 1976 .  I bought the car from the second owner, who owned the car for 35 years. Overall a vey nice original little red Corvette  .  Inside still in a very good condition, no damages or rips .  Outside, pai...

22.500 €