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Tel. (BE):014 26 72 22
Tel. (int.):+32 14 26 72 22

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DeLorean Bricklin SV1

Prijs: 22.500 €
Vermogen:129 kW / 175 PK
Capaciteit:5.800 cm³
1e inschrijving:16.05.1975
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BRICKLIN SV 1 1975, Very special and rare care, this is not a kit car, this is a car developed by a rich guy who made his dream car, a Safety Vehicle, so that is where he got the name. SV1 . He uses parts from all different kind of makes, so are there parts from Ford (engine, transmission, AMC rear drivetrain, DEtomaso rear lights, ..... The doors are electric operated,  they are working on the push of a button, all automaticly . If you want to drive a special vehicle, well this is it, only build 3 years and 2897 cars are ever build .We have a lot classic cars in stock : Buick's, Cadillac's, chevrolet 's cars and pick up trucks, Dodge, Ford mustang's  coupe, cabrio, fastback in stock, GMC trucks, ford pick up trucks F1 F100, international travelal, lincolns, mgb, plymouth satelite, mopars, pontiac, +120 classic cars in stock in our showroom in Belgium, direct from California . Marc Lenaerts Westerlo Belgium Tel: +32/14.267.222*,  ** BRICKLIN SV1 1973 1974 1975 1976   TE KOOP A VENDRE FOR SALE ZU VERKAUFEN
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